5 things to know about our new fat dissolving injections

The new arrival of our fat dissolving injections, offer a non-surgical treatment that achieves a slimmer, contoured, aesthetically pleasing shape in stubborn areas that can’t be achieved through diet or exercise.

A relatively new treatment in Australia, Illuminate Aesthetics has comprised 5 things you need to know about their new fat dissolving injections:

Natural Ingredients:

Illuminate Aesthetics fat dissolving injections are composed from natural substances, synthesised deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine, similar to that found in the digestive system.  Phosphatidylcholine (PC) working with deoxycholic acid (DA) naturally breaks down fat cells in stubborn fat deposits in a wide range of areas on the body. The body then absorbs and expels the fats cells naturally over time. 

Safe Treatments:

With our highly skilled and knowledgeable JuvaSlim nurses, our new fat dissolving injections are administered safely and with minimal pain.The injections themselves contain no nasty chemicals therefore making it safe for the body. 

Minor Pain:

Like all injections treatments, there can always be a small amount of pain depending on the patient’s pain threshold. You may feel some discomfort during the injection process however our highly trained and skilled nurses endeavor to make the experience as pain free as possible. If the process is too painful, or our patients would feel more at ease with a painless treatment, we can provide a mild anaesthetic to help.

Side effects:

The fat dissolving injections, in very rare cases, can cause some mild side effects to the injections area. While the patient may experience bruising, swelling, sensitivity to pressure, itching and some mild pain, these symptoms pass within a few days. If you have concerns, our  knowledgeable nurses can answer any questions about injection side effects that you may have.  

Results and Downtime:

Depending on the patient, fat dissolving injections can be administered over 3-4 treatments 6 weeks apart, with noticeable results in the first 4-6 weeks. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, the treatment results can last permanently. Like most injection treatments, patients may feel some pain, swelling and redness from the process, this is due to the body breaking down the fat cells in the treated areas. These symptoms will subside after a few days, it is therefore recommended to return to work and normal activities after 1-2 days of rest to let the treatment work.

With remarkable and aesthetically pleasing results, the fat dissolving injections can eliminate those annoying problem areas that you want gone. For more information on fat dissolving injections, contact our team at Illuminate Aesthetics Co today about Juva Slim.