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Your Ultimate Solution for Personalised Body Definition.

Illuminate Aesthetics Co is pleased to present truSculpt®, a non-invasive, non-surgical body definition treatment. Tailored to your unique needs or goals, this treatment utilises medically approved and clinically validated technology designed to target fat cells in challenging areas around your abdomen and flanks.

truSculpt® incorporates proven technology known to influence the number of fat cells in persistent areas, providing an additional tool for body definition beyond the results of diet and exercise alone. As a medical treatment, it offers a science-based approach for those seeking support in body contouring, particularly in areas traditionally resistant to dietary changes and physical activity.

Please note that individual results may vary, and it's important to have realistic expectations of the outcomes based on your unique physiology and the clinical evidence available. A consultation with our professional staff can help you better understand the process and potential results. TruSculpt® Flex’s comfortable, safe, and effective technology is clinically proven to increase an average of 30% muscle mass tailored to your individual needs. Despite our hard efforts at the gym, we can’t tell our brain to put more effort into our abs to achieve that washboard stomach. This is where TruSculpt® Flex comes in; it’s your second brain that specifically builds and tones muscles in your desired location – hello, six pack and perky glutes!

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What to expect

truSculpt® uses innovative Monopolar RF technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it – until fat cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally.

An average of 24% fat reduction can be achieved in just one treatment.

There is no visible downtime after the treatment and normal activity can be resumed immediately.

Absolutely! With your individual body goals in mind, a bespoke treatment plan can be created utilising truSculpt® to promote skin tightening and influence fat cells.


To further support the treatment outcomes, we suggest integrating truSculpt®, which targets fat cells, with truFlex®, a treatment designed for muscle strengthening. TruFlex® has been clinically observed to increase muscle mass by an average of 30%, although results can vary depending on individual needs.


TruFlex® employs Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to emulate intensified crunch, squat and twisting movements. It’s important to maintain realistic expectations and understand that results can vary based on individual circumstances and the body’s response to treatment.

The treatment time is dependent on the treatment size and how many areas are treated. Treatment time is typically 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.

Typically, only 1 treatment is needed. Maximum results are visible after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalised results you desire.



from $200

All skin types welcome

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