Body Contouring Services Your Ultimate Solution for Fat Elimination, Muscle Definition, and Body Contouring.

Illuminate Aesthetics Co is excited to offer truBody®, a renowned and trusted solution in body contouring treatments.

This personalised approach combines two scientifically recognised modalities: truSculpt® and truFlex™. Together, they work to complement your existing diet and exercise routine by providing additional support for your unique journey. Remember, individual results may vary and it's crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle to optimise the benefits of these treatments.

Unlike conventional fat reduction techniques, truBody® provides a holistic approach to body refinement. In just 30 minutes, this unique treatment not only eradicates fat cells permanently but also builds and tones your muscles while tightening any loose skin or cellulite.

We understand that diet and exercise alone sometimes can't target those stubborn fat pockets, making body contouring a convenient and effective alternative.

As we traverse various life stages and age, our skin loses elasticity, leading to cellulite, reduced muscle mass, and fat accumulation in areas difficult to target.

truBody®, known for its significant effects on body reshaping, might present a suitable, professional solution for these concerns. Clinical observations and patient feedback serve to demonstrate its potential effectiveness. Our primary objective is to support you in your journey towards improved body aesthetics, using this scientifically endorsed body contouring procedure.

From $330*

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All skin types welcome

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from $330