We ask that you schedule your filler appointment at least 4 weeks before or 4 weeks after you have received the Covid 19 vaccine. Anti-winkle injection appointments are not affected by the vaccine.

The face has a large network of vessels underneath the skin, so there is a high chance of some form of bruising post procedure.  This bruising has the potential to last up to 2 weeks, therefore, please plan your treatment around any events.

Yes, most likely you will have some swelling from the treatments.  Anti-wrinkle swelling tends to subside quickly (within 30mins) however, swelling from the filler may take up to 2 weeks and you should plan your treatment around any events.

Fillers can last anywhere between 6-24 months depending on the product used.  There are many variables with the longevity of filler. Our fillers are made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring sugar complex in the body. The filler integrates into the tissue and is dealt with at the rate your own body has been designed to metabolise its own HA. The area in which it is used can have an effect on longevity (ie more movement in the area the more quickly it will break down) and there are different thicknesses of filler used for different purposes. 

On average frowns and crows feet can last between 3-4 months, a forehead or lip flip for example may be less due to the lower amount of product used in this area. Larger areas such as masseters have possible longevity up to 6 months.  However, each person will have individual results and may prefer one brand over another.  Full consultation is given at each appointment.

If you take any blood thinning medications such as Fish oil, ibuprofen or aspirin, we advise stopping these 5 days prior to your appointment as this can increase your risk of bruising.  However if these are taken for medical reasons, please consult with your specialist prior to ceasing any prescribed medication. 

No, we advise you to wait 6 months until after you have stopped taking this medication before getting any dermal fillers

Yes you can but we strongly advise taking prophylactic anti-virals prior to your appointment to avoid a cold sore post treatment.

We have a strict policy to not treat pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.  Even if you plan to ‘pump and dump’ our drs will not give consent until your baby is fully weaned off the breast.

No, we advise no anti-wrinkle or dermal filler treatments if you plan to fall pregnant in the next 3 months.

No, we have strict company policy to treat adults aged 18 and above only, no matter what the circumstances.

If you have an autoimmune disease we may ask you for a letter from your specialist to outline that they are happy for you to have filler treatment.  Anti-wrinkle injections are safe, but filler may cause a flare up.  You will need to be stable in your condition.

If you have recently been diagnosed with anxiety, we prefer you to have been on any newly prescribed treatment for at least a couple of months.  This is for your own well-being.  Cosmetic treatments have been known to exacerbate anxiety and cause more stress.  Please know we only have your best interests at heart.

Where possible, please come to your appointment with a clean makeup free face.  No make up is advised for 24hrs post treatment. This is to avoid any infection.

We advise no exercise until the following day

Alcohol should be avoided post treatment as it is a blood thinner and may cause worsening of any bruising.

We advise you to avoid facials, massage, eyebrow waxing and heat treatments for up to 2 weeks post injections.  This is to ensure that you are not moving product placement and causing any complications.