Injectable Dermal Fillers | Sunshine Coast

Dermal fillers are injectables that can be used to address volume changes in the face. They can be used to minimise wrinkles, reshape the jaw, or replace volume lost in the cheek or lips caused by the ageing process.

These injectables usually consist of a variety of materials, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, and calcium hydroxylapatite. The type of filler that is used will depend on the area of the face being treated and the desired results.

Dermal Fillers can:

Our highly qualified cosmetic nurses will skillfully place the filler to suit your face and ideal outcome. Results are almost instant and can last up to 24 months depending on where it is placed and the type of filler used.

If you are interested in learning more about dermal fillers, schedule a consultation with our team today. We can discuss your individual needs and goals and recommend the best treatment for you.

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